Early Years

The development of a child from age three to five lays the foundations for future learning. We believe that it is important for children in these early years to develop a positive attitude towards learning that will enable them to become curious and communicative young learners. Parents can assure that your child will have the ideal educational start.

Our teachers are facilitators who provide opportunities for hands on learning, like exploring a variety of structured play and stories and songs, which strengthen their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Learning Through Play at Munchkin House

  • Learning Through Dramatic Play

  • Learning Through Sand Play

  • Learning Through Water Play

  • Learning Through Dough and Clay Play

  • Learning Through Table Top Play

  • Learning Through Small World Play

  • Learning Through Construction Play

  • Learning Through Creative

Children imitate the people around them by recreating scenes from everyday life and acting out familiar roles. From this, imaginative contributes to children’s creativity as they develop the ability to incorporate narrative into their play.