Arkar Soe

Arkar Soe
Operation Manager

Akar Soe has been working for the international education sectors for more than 15 years. Being a Registrar, Customer Service Officer and Project Manager at the British Council Burma, he has diverse and rich experiences with exposure to working with UK Examinations, such as Person Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment English and Cambridge Assessment International Examinations.

He holds a Bachelor`s Degree in Psychology, and pursued his career as an Exam Administrator since 2013. He expanded his horizon in the field of Logistic and Supply Change Management, and led many successful education projects in Myanmar.

Currently, he is in charge of administering both internal and external exams at CISM and overseeing the daily school operations.

He maintains a mature, pleasant and professional manner when communicating with people. He works diligently, and shares his best interests towards the success of community. He has excellent communication skills, a positive disposition and smart personality with customer- oriented attitude.