Chinthaka Arachch

Chinthaka M N G Arachichigi
Head of Technology

I am a professional member of the British Computer Society, IT consultant and lecturer offering over eighteen years of experience in performance and training in New Zealand, Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Seychelles Islands.

I have developed skills in teaching courses such as Robotics, Data Structures and Algorithms, System Analysis and Design, Relational Database Systems, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Programing paradigms, Software Engineering, Enterprise Networking, Web Development, Digital multimedia, and Digital Electronics. My research interests lie in the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics, computational neurobiology, computational biophysics.

I have worked in the capacity of a lecturer / project supervisor for Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London, London Metropolitan University, NHL stenden university, Webster university, University of Wales as well as a Computer Science / Physics and Mathematics teacher for Cambridge / IB / A-levels, IGCSE in leading international schools such as Saint Andrews international school, Singapore International school in Thailand.

As a computer systems developer, I have designed applications for schools and universities to keep track of their students and employees. One of my latest developments is a student grading system which automatically generates comments for reports based on allocated points for grading criteria. During the pandemic, I was assisting schools and universities to implement their online platforms including G – suite for education and staff training.

I was employed at Assumption College Thailand as an examinations officer for the Cambridge international examination program and a teacher for ICT/ SAT Mathematics where I taught students for Web Development, Digital multimedia and Information Systems courses. I served as one of the youngest lecturers and shaped the future of young learners who brought fame by becoming global & regional high achievers for UK Education in Sri Lanka during four years of my tenure at the graduate school. In addition to lecturing I was actively involved in conducting career guidance seminars for advanced level college students in Sri Lanka.

In addition to my academic exposure, I have worked in the capacity of an IT Consultant for a reputed market research organization which operates in South Africa and New Zealand. Possession of comprehensive knowledge in cutting-edge IT technologies including Red Hat Linux / Windows server maintenance and training IT staff are my key strengths as an IT consultant.
I am convinced that the organization could benefit from my ability to coax the best out of pupils.