The library plays an important role in a school as it provides ample opportunities to the children to read, explore and research all the information on a particular subject that they would like to know about.

Accordingly, CISM tries to offer a wide range of books on different subjects and different genres. CISM Library features multileveled teaching resources for teachers and trainers, encyclopedias, novels, story books, and other books for our children, in addition to full access to the internet.

In CISM, we keep two libraries: the larger one on the top floor, intended for the whole school and the smaller one on the ground floor, for the younger ones under age 7. The children from Lower Primary classes visit the library at least once a week under the supervision of a teacher who helps them to choose the right book and often read to them, while the older ones visit the library on their own and enjoy their time there. We impose a list of books for each grade in the primary level that students are supposed to complete at the end of the academic year.

Key Stage 2 and above students are provided a free access to X Reading which is a digital platform with more than 1,000 graded readers from major publishers such as Macmillan, CUP, and National Geographic Learning.

Students can read any books anywhere and any time. Additionally almost all books have audio narrations and quizzes.

More importantly, teachers have a full control of the digital library. They can easily monitor each and every student and check their reading progress as the system provides lots of useful data for analysis, e.g., time spent on books, number of books, number of words read, reading speed, and book ratings.