• Our three-storey building is a bright and welcoming place set in a magnificent ground. At present, we have Primary, Lower and Higher Secondary students studying all under one roof where we promote collaborative teaching and learning through research and project based learning activities.

  • The lower grades have their own outdoor area with a variety of safe but exciting climbing apparatus and a fabricated hill. We also have a large two-roomed nursery with its own additional indoor play area. The higher grades have a basketball court and a beach football field to play and socialize with friends. A large hall and stages indoor and outdoor are used for school annual events.

  • In addition, CISM provides dedicated ICT classroom for lower and higher grades with full internet access to broaden and expand their knowledge beyond their individual classes. CISM school Library is not only traditionally set as a place of silent and independent study but also can be transformed as a learning hub for the school community that encourages teachers and students to collaborate, communicate and share.  Digital Exploration with e-library has always been initiatives for the 21st century Learners and data based learning activities and researches are continuously expanding and academically supportive for students and teachers.

  • The Science Laboratory at Crane International School Myanmar has been upgraded with Cambridge Assessment International Education Standard. Together with the well-structured guidelines and instructions, students are efficiently engaged in each stage of educational process: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyse and Create; involving themselves, seeing, handling, manipulating and involving themselves real objects and materials and it is a room for excitement, interest and inquiries.

  • The laboratory is provided with an adequate working area, storage, preparation room, equipment and modern apparatus. Special care has been given to the safety aspects in the laboratory.