Why Choose CISM?

//Why Choose CISM?
Why Choose CISM?2018-04-23T04:07:13+00:00
  • Our community is local and international and highly dedicated to the school.

  • Our international curriculum and creative pedagogy gives every student access to a high-quality education and provides a wide range of energetic extracurricular activities.

  • Our caring policy gives our students the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident, allowing them to reach their utmost potential.

  • Our experienced teachers have been hired based on their commitment to helping children learn and to bring out their talents. Some teachers having been here more than 15 years.

  • Our assessments are respected and accepted by private and public schools around the world.

  • We administer the Cambridge Checkpoints after completion of final year of Primary ,Lower Secondary.

  • Cambridge IGCSE assessment takes place at CISM after completion of Upper Secondary.

  • CISM graduates achieve outstanding academic success with an acceptance rate of 90% to the post-secondary institution of their choice, and scholarship awards from Harrow International School and other prestige Colleges .

  • Parent contact is encouraged and is a key component of success at CISM . Through constant communication, we work together to help our students achieve academic and personal success.

  • The Remedial/Tutoring Services provide further support after-school.

  • CISM offers Specialized Programmes which provide a full complement of English Courses during Summer . Please click  Summer Programme for more details on all of our education services.