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Our academic year starts in the first week of June and continues to the third week of March. Students are accepted before and after the beginning of each academic year. Conversely, we do accommodate students who come to us in between the academic year. Each student is individually assessed and placed in the appropriate grade. A placement test is given when required.

General Admission
Nursery 3 to 4 Years
Kindergarten 4 to 5 Years
Year 1 5 to 6 Years
Year 2 6 to 7 Years
Year 3 7 to 8 Years
Year 4 8 to 9 Years
Year 5 9 to 10 Years
Year 6 10 to 11 Years
Year 7 11 to 12 Years
Year 8 12 to 13 Years
Year 9 13 to 14 Years
Year 10 14 to 15 Years
Year 11 15-16 Years and Above

Requirements for Applications

  • A completed application form

  • Two passport size photos

  • Copy of birth certificate

  • Transcripts or report cards from two previous school years

  • Any special education evaluation records

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Application From Package*

Package Includes: Student Application Form, Student Drug & Emergency Medical Attention Agreement Form.

*Please bring the filled out forms and the requirements for faster application process.

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