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We teach students how to think rather than what to think

CISM teaching methods bring a new world of education alive in the classroom and around campus on a daily basis.

Creativity and High Order Thinking is encouraged and much appreciated where Metacognitive dimensions: metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive regulations are integral to CISM teaching methods.

Metacognitive knowledge

refers to what learners know about learning. This includes:

  • the learner’s knowledge of their own cognitive abilities

  • the learner’s knowledge of particular tasks

  • the learner’s knowledge of different strategies that are available to them and when they are appropriate to the task

Metacognitive regulation

refers to what learners do about learning. This includes:

  • how learners monitor and control their cognitive processes

  • how learners implement their plan and use the strategy

  • how learners reflect and self-question throughout the learning process

Beyond academic learning, when students gain awareness of their own mental states, they begin to answer important questions:

  • How do I live a happy life?

  • How do I become a respected human being?

  • How do I feel good about myself?

Through these reflections, they also begin to understand other people’s perspectives.