Every summer, during March, April and May, CISM offers a Summer Programme which is designed for students aged 3 to 17 as well as students from other schools.

Our goal is to provide an inspirational, memorable and interactive learning environment for your child.

The Summer programme is presented in an age-appropriate format and instructions are specifically geared towards the age and abilities of our students keeping abreast with experiential learning benefits which caters for the 21st century skills and international exposure. Learning English Language is the main stream in the classroom climate while Drama and Public Speaking, Presentations and Projects, and Improve and Process Writing are seamlessly integrated. In addition to that, learners are provided practical supports that exemplify ways of leaning key mathematical concept through active leaning approach. Additional Activities are Art, Music, ICT, Cooking and Physical Education that help young learners engaging the creation of networks, making new friends and enjoying all the hands-on experiences. The most celebrated events in the Summer Programme include:

  • Summer Art Gallery

  • Summer Field Trip

  • Summer Field Day

  • Summer Concert

Summer Skills Builder Programm

The Summer Skills Builder programme is for those who are entering higher secondary and who would like to keep their academic skills in English, Science and Mathematics solid over the summer. The Summer Skills Builder programme offers study skills support for students currently in Grades 7 and 8 (open to both students from Myanmar government schools and other schools). This programme will allow the students to gain confidence, allow them to build friendships, solve problems and improve computer skills in order to be prepared for the next grade.

IGCSE Preparatory Course

Students in Grades 9 and 10 will be exposed to intensive teaching/learning experiences with IGCSE trainers, involving exam practices, revision and consultations for general and academic needs.