The Principal’s Message

//The Principal’s Message
The Principal’s Message2018-12-24T06:25:54+00:00

Crane International School Myanmar is a remarkable school leading the way with inspiring and innovative instructions and a strong commitment to the children in our community.

CISM remains dedicated to ensuring we offer the highest caliber education in a safe learning environment. I have observed the input of the students, parents, educators, administrators and community members who deserve nothing but the best in CISM.  As a result, more and more parents trust us and are enrolling their precious children with us.

Every member of Team CISM is critical in ensuring we meet our goals of high student achievement. Therefore, we will continue with our commitment to being a safe school, having academic excellence, parental involvement, and community engagement.

Together, we will continue to work diligently to teach our children proper values, discipline, and commitment to become great citizens and leaders of tomorrow. These are the things that matter and we are dedicated, equipped and prepared to educate our children to the highest possible level.

I am delighted to be part of Team CISM and to have tremendous community support. Together, we will lead, inspire and innovate to ensure our students are Destined for Success!

Best wishes,

Kyi Min