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  • Like all International schools, CISM has an educational mission that goes well beyond the purely academic. Its goal is the integrated spiritual, intellectual, social, and affective growth of its students. Many elements in that goal are best developed outside the classroom. For that reason, CISM has initiated extracurricular programmes which are as strong as its academic programme. In fact, CISM’s most successful students and best integrated personalities are those who have been most involved in the extracurricular programmes.

  • Extracurricular activities in Secondary form an integral part of life at school. They provide special opportunities to our students to develop their talents and creativity. Performance in these activities is given great importance in order to enhance leadership qualities, and to stimulate our students to become team players.

  • Crane International School Myanmar provides a large range of after school activities, including; Sports, Drama, Art, Embroidery and Crochet`, Music, Reading Club, Math Club, Science Club, ICT Master Mind Club and more.